Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of getting healthy? Don’t despair!

 The path to better health is traveled just one simple step at a time.  Let your journey start here!  Each week I’ll be posting one step you can take to improve your health. It may not seem like much at the start, but if you take one step each week, and consistently build healthy habits from these steps, just think how far down the road you’ll be at the end of the year!

Oil Change_11665

Episode 8: Getting an “Oil Change”

The days of the "low-fat diet" are pretty much gone. Our bodies need fat to function properly, but the kind of fat we eat makes a difference.  In this episode of Baby Steps to Better Health, I'll talk about the bad fats and oils to avoid in your diet and what ones to choose instead. [...]

Eat Only When You're Hungry1_16468

Episode 7: Eat Only When You’re Hungry

Do you find yourself mindlessly munching in front of the TV, or eating because you are stressed out or emotional?  If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the answer!  In this video, learn how to know if you are hungry or if something else is driving your eating, and use my key strategy for [...]

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